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New Titles

We have several titles coming out during the next year by various authors and illustrators, so watch this space for updates.

No Bears Allowed

Coming Spring 2019

Rabbit is afraid of many things, but most of all he’s afraid of bears—big, bad, scary bears! In this tender story about a very nervous rabbit and his worst fear, No Bears Allowed illustrates how things aren’t always as scary as they seem, and how you just might have more in common with others than you think. Available Spring 2019.

Lovingly written by Lydia Lukidis, with adorable art by Tara J. Hannon.

Porcupette and Moppet

Coming Spring 2019

Porcupette and Moppet is a delightful picture book by Nadine Poper. In this comical story about a bumbling predator and his bibliophile-prey, certain disaster is averted not by running and hiding, but by simply reading a book – a very important book! Alicia Young’s beautiful art brings even more life and humor to Nadine’s fun and educational story. Available Spring 2019.

Written by Nadine Poper, and illustrated by Alicia Young.

Sienna: The Cowgirl Fairy #1

Just Released!

As an award winner as soon as it left the pen, Sienna, the Cowgirl Fairy is the first in this chapter book series. Sienna is not your normal cowgirl, for she’s half human and half fairy. But Sienna wants nothing to do with fairies. When her ma sends her to fairy camp instead of cowgirl camp, she ain’t none too happy. Not only must she deal with cliquish fairies who reject her spunky spirit and outspoken ways, she must also noodle out how to help Mother Nature end the Texas drought. Can Sienna balance cowgirling with some tried ’n’ true fairy skills to both fit in and make it rain?

A Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award winner, this is a fun book for anyone who has interest in cowgirls, fairies, magic, horses, weather, or Texas. In addition to being delightfully entertaining, this book may help children learn tolerance with the message that people who appear to be different than you are can be very much like you. It may also help children who are struggling with identity.

Written by Alayne Kay Christian, and illustrated by Brian Martin.

Available in hardcover (978-0-9814938-5-5) and softcover (978-0-9814938-6-2).

Buy it now at or Barnes & Noble, or look inside here.

Butterfly Kisses for Winner of the Mom's Choice Award for children's picture books, and an IPPY silver medalist, Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa tells the story of a bond between a grandchild and her grandparents. Emily loves visiting her grandparents where she is showered with affection and enjoys the freedom to eat sweets, stay up late, and help Grandma in the garden. When Emily’s visit with her grandparents ends, she’s saddened by thoughts of missing them. To comfort her, Grandma gives Emily a book that teaches her to use her imagination, memory, and natural surroundings to help her feel close when they are apart. In a surprising role reversal, Emily comforts Grandma by sharing her own secrets for staying close

A wonderful gift for long-distance grandparents, long-distance grandchild, Grandparent's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Grandma, grandchild, military children, also a good book to help children deal with death, or being apart from long-distance loved ones.

Watch the book trailer or buy it now at

Written by Alayne Kay Christian, and illustrated by Joni Stringfield.

Available in hardcover (978-0-9814938-0-0).